The Dundun drum is one of the most popular drums in the Yoruba land. It usually features in solo performances, but could also be used as a part of an ensemble of drums and other musical instruments in a team of drummers, which could include some vocals. Historically, it was used in celebrating and praising traditional rulers and chiefs.

The Yoruba culture is rich in poetry. Every Yoruba indigen enjoys poetic eulogy called ‘oriki’ according to their lineage and ancestral root. The dundun drum is used to recite a lot of these. Also, dundun drum is used to convey proverb and make idiomatic expressions in musical tunes as well as in all drum performance. This enriches the rhythm and distinguish Yoruba drum beats from mere banging.

Performing dundun drummers are usually adults. However in families where drumming is business, children learn how to drum very early. These children are provided with child size drum and drumstick and are allowed to follow adults to functions or just play around with the drum as they wish. This early introduction reinforce learning and eventual know-how of the skill. A child drummer may not be allow to lead a drumming group unless such child has proven to acquired the required skills to satisfaction of master drummers. This is done to maintain high standard in the drumming circle.

Heritage dundun drummers come to be due to their lineage.This means Ayadiran is a dundun drummer because his father and grandfather were. Today, dundun drumming skill could be learn by those not born into drum family. Modern dundun drummers could teach willing learners this ancient wonder. Nonetheless, the best of dundun drumming still resides with heritage dundun drummers.

Today, the dundun drum can be found at celebrations, such as weddings, naming ceremonies, graduations, house warming, celebration of life events, and similar activities.

A professional drummer uses the dundun drum in the first and second YouTube videos.
Here is an ensemble of dundun drummers showcasing coordinated style of dundun drumming.