Youths like sakara drum. It is relatively easier to make, compared to all other well known drum. It is also easier to carry, drum and control. But as simple as sakara seemed, this drum could make you jiggle wiggle.

Sakara beat sound crisp and melodious. This add to its appeal among the young people. It could serve as main drum or used as part of ensemble of drums for enrichment and depth in modern tunes.

See video of a Sakara group. Pay attention to the ease with which these men manipulate the drum, sing and synchronized their body movement (dance) to the stimulating beat.

Sakara drum is known all across Yorubaland. However, sakara drum is favourite of Egba people. There is a musical tune in which sakara is the main drum, thus the name ‘sakara’ music. This Yoruba musical tune is refreshing and calm. It is an old school tune but begins to generates appeal among younger generation as well.

Traditional skillful sakara drummer could use the drum to convey proverb and idiomatic expression to add depth and enrichment to the invigorating beat.